March 2019 – The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England

This month the book “The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England – from the 5th to 7th century” was released. It features one of my photos on the cover and therefore marks my first featured photo on a book cover.

The book is published by Anglo-Saxon books and can be bought directly from them or on Amazon.

Featured on the photo is one of the editors, Paul Mortimer, sporting his recreation of the outfit and gear of the burial from Sutton Hoo: King Raedwald. I took the photo during an event in Uppåkra, Sweden, in late spring 2017. Both Paul Mortimer and Matt Bunker are part of Wulfheodenas, a living history society dedicated to the 6th and 7th century aristocracy and warriors of northern Europe.

© Lee W Lundin, 2017