Traditional Art

Graphite pencils, ink drawings, ink paintings, watercolours, etc. Also see Macabre Beauty Collection and Folklore Collection for more traditional artworks.

Digital Illustrations

Drawings and paintings using Photoshop and a drawing tablet. Sometimes based on handdrawn/inked lineart.

Folklore Collection

Inked drawings on A3 and A4 paper. Colours digitally painted in photoshop. The images depict various creatures from Scandinavian folklore. The goal was to combine the feeling of old folklore illustrations and the more modern illustration styles (such as graphic novels). Some of these pieces are inspired by John Bauer and the Scandinavian Bronze Age.

Macabre Beauty Collection

Handdrawn using ink or fineliner pencils on A3, A4, and A5 paper. The idea was to approach some creatures that are often considered a bit macabre and artistically show the beauty of them. Everything in this collection is connected to the natural world: insects, flowers, and craniums.