Selfportrait. Lineart in ink and coloured digitally. (c) Lee W Lundin, 2017.

Born in -91, just north of Stockholm. Been drawing since childhood and graduated from the high school arts programme in 2010. After high school there were less time for drawing due to studies at University. Has a Master’s Degree in Archaeology since 2016.

The main focus of the drawings have always been characters and creatures, from illustrating school notebooks with aliens and monsters, to being influenced by the wave of manga the years before high school, and always being completely fascinated by the people and creatures from mythologies. With a major interest in popular and classic fiction in both books/graphic novels and on film/tv it is not strange that a vast majority of Lee’s drawings throughout the years attempt to visualise the characters, actors/actresses, and personalities explored in media.

The focus now, however, is to create more original art such as character drawings, historical motives, mythological motives, wildlife, and fantasy creatures in both digital and traditional techniques.