Website updates & 2018 plans

I’ve been working on updating my website so that it looks tidy and showcase my artworks in the best way. It should be easy to browse after various categories and have a decent look at the artwork. It feels like I finally have found a way to achieve this!

I’ve gone for quite a minimalistic, grey design that works well with the variety of visual work I do. I want to make it easier to find my website, so when I noticed I can share posts and projects directly to my twitter page and facebook page, it made me very happy. I don’t have to administrate posts multiple times and I don’t have to upload images directly to facebook and twitter (because of ownership issues it is a relief). I believe this will generate more views on my website.

At the start of the year I deleted my art instagram and redbubble-shop. I am more interested in printing and selling my own art rather than outsourcing it to an american print-on-demand site. I hope that within the year I will buy myself a decent printer and start an etsy-shop or something similar. When having this set up I intend to try to get my stuff into galleries and to have tables at conventions and similar.

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